Easy, Affordable Product Photos


Getting the images you need to sell your items online doesn’t have to be complicated.


1) Modeled On-White.

This is by far the most common type of product image, as most every ecommerce platform can utilize a product image on white, and many, such as Amazon, actually require it.

Your item will be professionally modeled here in our studio and photographed on a pure white background.

Some items need only a single photo, typically front facing. Others might need more than one photo, for example to show the back or side or some kind of a unique detail.

There are two basic types of modeled images, full body and 3/4.  A 3/4 shot is one that focuses primarily on your clothing, and not so much on the model.

Some clients prefer 3/4 photos as it highlights only what is being sold, without undue distraction from the attractiveness of the model.

Others prefer full body photos as they feel more complete.

Whichever you prefer we are happy to provide you with either.

Calculating your photo budget is easy with our simplified pricing schedule.

Modeled On-White Pricing

Our on-model on-white pricing is as little as $9 per photo with quantity discounts.

Base price is just $18 per image with a 2 image minimum.

Quantity discounts kick in at just 10 photos and provides a 10% discount on each and every photo in your order ($16.20 per image).

25 or more receives a 20% discount ($13.50 per image), 50 or more photos qualifies for a 35% discount ($11.70 per image), and 100 photos receives the maximum discount of 50% ($9.00 per image).

It’s important to note that our prices are all inclusive, meaning there are no hidden fees or charges of any kind like you might find elsewhere.

When you pay for your photos you receive full duplication and distribution rights. There are no additional model fees, or usage fees, or buyout fees. None of that.




2) Modeled Outdoor.

An outdoor photo can bring livelihood or a sense of activeness and happiness to your product. An outdoor photo is also a great way to showcase your seasonal products, whether your product be for spring, summer, winter or fall.

Most platforms will require at least one on-white image, but after that you are free to add any additional outdoor images as you might like.

Outdoor modeled product photos are priced much the same as our indoor on-white modeled product photos.

The only difference is a one-time location fee, and that fee stays the same regardless of how many products or photos you need. We feel this is only fair because once we are all on location and have our gear setup and model ready there’s no need to charge you a location fee again for each additional photo.

Outdoor location photos have a once-per-session setup fee of $100. Some locations require additional fees such as pool rental fees. These fees are not included in the setup fee. Any additional fees required for location shoots are added to your order.

All other pricing remains the same as our indoor on-white modeled images above.



3) Non-clothing Products.

We provide on-white product photos for more than just clothing items.

Many items can be successfully sold with only a single photo. Others will require more than one photo, for example a photo of the back or the side or a closeup image of a specific detail.

Non-modeled on-white product images are priced at $35 per image.

We offer a quantity discount of 10% per image when you order 10 images or more.

50 images will get you a 30% discount, and 100 images qualifies for the maximum discount of 45%.

These prices apply to most non-modeled items. Very large or very small items, items that are only white or are clear or are reflective will cost more so inquire about pricing for those items before placing your order.

For reference an example of items that are too large would be any item bigger than a motorcycle – basically anything you cannot ship or we would have great difficulty getting into our studio to photograph.

There are not many items that are too small, but an example of an item that’s so small that it’s difficult to photograph would be a very small earring.

If you’re unsure if your item is too small be sure to inquire first before placing your order.

We also offer 360 degree user rotatable images for many products.

Our rate for 360 images is $100 for standard quality and $150 for premium quality. The quality difference is determined by the number of frames, with standard being 24 frames and premium being 36. Items must be less than 18 pounds and on the longest side smaller than 18 inches. They cannot be white, clear, or reflective as those kinds of products do not work well when creating 360 images.


– Order your product photos. –

Now that you have the pricing information for your photos you are ready to place your order.

1) Email sales@retailshots.com or call us at (334) 226-2622 to discuss your photo needs.

Once we’ve discussed your photo needs we’ll email you an invoice for 50% of your photo session cost. With this retainer we book the studio time and model time for your shoot.

2) Next, send your item(s) to us:

Retail Shots
1938 Wise Drive
Dothan, AL 36303 U.S.A.

3) We receive your items and prep as needed; for example by steaming to remove wrinkles caused during shipping.

4) We photograph your products and provide you with photo proofs for your approval.

5) You pay any balance remaining on your order and we provide unwatermarked full-size, full-resolution, ready-to-use images of your product.

Its that easy!

Our entire process is streamlined to make getting your product photos as quick and as easy for you as possible.

And remember, we’re here to help in any way we can. So if you have any questions or concerns just let us know.


Retail Shots
(334) 226-2622