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At Retail Shots we provide product photos to manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, liquidators, and e-commerce online retailers. Our clients depend on us to produce photos that will generate interest in their product and most importantly drive sales.

We currently have a backlog of impulse-buy clothing items to be photographed for this upcoming holiday shopping season. This is not high fashion, but simply the modeled item photographed on a white background.

With an emphasis on clothing we also routinely shoot other items that require models such as shoes, handbags, sunglasses, hats, and jewelry just to name a few.

How to Apply

For a better understanding of what we do and what we’re looking for we encourage you to read through the information on this page.

But if you’re anxious to get started you can jump right to the signup form by clicking the “New Model Signup” button found in several places on this page.

The New Model Signup questionnaire will ask for one face photo and one full body photo. Don’t worry, these don’t need to be professionally taken photographs; selfies will do.

There will also be an option to submit any additional photos (or video) you might like to share, and to share your Instagram account if you wish to do so.

After You Apply

Once you apply we may contact you to make an appointment for an initial test shoot.

Sometimes, if we have an immediate need for someone with your look, we may contact you for a photoshoot without the need for a test shoot first.

Your Test Shoot

Your test shoot gives us the information we need to be able to match you with the ideal clothing items for you to model. It also generates the photos that are used to setup your profile on our Dothan Talent website, which is what our clients use to request you for work.

The entire test shoot session typically takes about an hour. There is no charge for the test shoot session.

After your talent portfolio photos have been captured you are ready for the test shoot itself.

The test shoot consists of you modeling three “looks”. A look is an outfit that is different from the previous. You can select the clothing for these looks from whatever clothing we have in stock and are photographing at the time.

The modeling required for the type of photographs we create is really quite easy. There’s no need to be nervous and we’ll show you step by step exactly what to do.


What to Bring for Your Test Shoot and/or Photoshoot

When you come in for your test shoot there are a few things you should do to prepare.

Makeup – the photos captured during your interview and test shoot are the photos that will be use to create your online talent portfolio profile and are the images our clients will look at in order to request you for work. It is important that you look your best. A key component to looking your best as a product clothing model is good makeup, hair, and nails. By looking your best you will have a better chance of getting regular work as a model.

Remember to bring your makeup with you. You may need to touch up at some point, or even completely change your makeup depending on your outfit. Don’t worry, you’ll have full use of our private dressing room with vanity area.

Hair Product – always a good idea to bring, and you just never know when this will come in handy.

Shoes – we nearly always have shoes in stock that you can wear for your photoshoots. However most of the shoes that we receive in are size 6 to 8 so if you wear a size smaller or larger be sure to bring some shoes with you in a variety of styles from flats to heels.

Music – music is great for setting the mood and making things fun. So point us to your favorite Spotify playlist and we’ll cue up the tunes for your shoot.

And last but not least – a friend. For some people having a friend chaperone their shoot makes them more comfortable. If this is you then we encourage you to bring a friend. Just be sure this is someone you are totally comfortable modeling in front of, since any reservation or self-consciousness will show in your photos.

Also please be aware that with the current pandemic that only one friend will be allowed to accompany you inside during your shoot.



 Once you’ve completed your test shoot and you’ve been assigned a regular photoshoot there are a few things you should do to prepare..

Shoes – You might not always know in advance the exact clothing you will be modeling, and last minute additions are common. So if you are hired to model clothing please remember to bring several shoe choices. Some clothing may lend itself to flats while other clothing will require heels.
Sometimes clients will specify what kind of shoe is to be worn when photographing their product. In these cases we will typically have shoes of that style on hand for the day of your shoot.

Underwear – bra and panty lines are a faux pas to almost every client. With some clothing items these lines are not an issue. However some items we receive are tight fitting or stretchy and with these items your underwear choice becomes very important. Under garments that show bra or panty lines should be avoided at all costs to avoid unnecessary delays so please keep this in mind when choosing undergarments for your shoot.

Makeup – just like on your test shoot, you will likely need to touch up at some point, or even completely change your makeup depending on the clothing you are modeling.
As a rule you will want to apply your makeup heavier and bolder than normal. Cameras often don’t pick up makeup in the same way the human eye does. And makeup can sometimes become muted in the post processing of photos. Applying your makeup bolder and heavier eliminates both of these issues and makes your end result photos look better.

Hair Product – dry shampoo and hair spray are always good to have on hand for your shoot, as are curling irons and hair straighteners.

Music – make your shoot more enjoyable with your favorite music. Let us know your favorite music and we’ll stream it to our bluetooth speaker.

Still have questions? We’re here for you.

Typical Studio Photoshoot

Modeled clothing on white background.

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