How It WorkS

Step 1 – Send Your Clothing Items To Us

Clothing is lightweight and inexpensive to mail. The item you send will be the image seen by your customers to represent that item for your entire stock, so be sure to send an item that has no visible defects or blemishes.

  • If your item has attached tags please tell us if you would like the tags to be removed prior to photographing. By default we will photograph the item with the tags attached.

Step 2 – We Photograph Your Items and Provide Proofs

We offer a variety of packages designed to allow you the flexibility you need to most effectively promote your items, from simple white background studio shots to outdoor location shots.

  • Once we’ve photographed your products we’ll send you a link where you can review your photo proofs. Depending on the package you purchase minor editing changes can be performed at this stage.

Step 3 – Accept Your Proofs and Make Payment

When you’re satisfied with your proofs simply submit your payment.

  • A payment link is provided with your proofs.

Step 4 – Receive Your Finalized Images

You’ll receive a link where you can download your finalized full size high-resolution photos. These photos are yours and come with full copyright and ownership rights.

  • Your photos are now ready to be used on Amazon, eBay, or any other website of your choice.

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